It’s not just special occasions that cancer disrupts. Treatment far away means families often miss out on spending time together – water fights in the garden, bedtime stories, hogging the sofa.

When hospital treatment ends, CLIC Sargent knows families want to get on with life as quickly as possible, but feel anxious about leaving specialist care behind.

Across the UK, nurses sort out the ongoing support children and young people need, without having to go back to hospital. In many areas of the country, we help the NHS pay for these nurses. We make sure young cancer patients get the same excellent healthcare as in hospital, which means families can feel confident they’re still receiving the best care – without the travel and with fewer costs. Children and young people can return to school, see their friends, and get on with their lives.

CLIC Sargent Nurses were such a huge help. Visiting us at home for routine blood tests meant we could stay away from the hospital as much as possible - plus it was so great to have the chance to ask questions or discuss our worries, however small, in a more informal environment. They were so friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. We are extremely grateful that service was there for us at such a difficult time for us all.


Some things our nurses do

  • Carry out routine medical procedures like blood tests and flushing lines at home and at school.
  • Show parents/carers how to give medicine correctly
  • Answer any questions around diagnosis, treatment and health care so parents know what to expect
  • Working with schools to help a child’s education, such as developing a plan for the child to return to school
  • Help parents learn to care for their child’s health needs at home, so they know what side effects to look out for and what to do
  • Visit schools to help teachers and pupils understand more about cancer
  • Provide a link between the specialist care at the hospital and the non-cancer specialists who will support children and young people with cancer at home – GPs, school staff, local hospital staff and community nurses

Our outreach nurse educators

Leaving the security of the specialist care at a children’s cancer centre can be scary. This is why we have a team of Outreach Nurse Educators to help provide another bridge between specialist and local care.

Children’s Community Nurses, GP’s, teachers, and local hospital staff are experts in what they do, but they don’t see many children with cancer. Our Outreach Nurse Educators work with specialist cancer centres and go out into the community to offer personalised education when and where it’s needed. For example, a local hospital might see lots of children with leukaemia and be very confident managing this. But if they have to provide care for a rarer cancer, they might appreciate expert support to learn about a more rare treatment protocol.