Social workers

Everything changes after a cancer diagnosis. Things that used to be simple suddenly become complicated, confusing and exhausting. You have to learn a whole new vocabulary.

Our social workers are experts in helping families handle the day-to-day challenges that come with a child’s cancer diagnosis. They work in all the main children’s cancer hospitals. They work closely with doctors, nurses and other NHS professionals as an integral part of the team caring for children with cancer. CLIC Sargent Social Workers are different to other social workers. They’re there to help because of a child’s cancer, and to make sure families get the support they need throughout treatment.

Our social workers can help with:

  • Helping a family come to terms with what’s happened
  • Explaining what things mean in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Helping families adjust to the new situation they find themselves in, and working out how it will affect day-to-day life
  • Support with applying for benefits, grants and other financial support
  • Talking to a child’s school and helping to arrange schoolwork during treatment
  • Helping parents sort out time off work
  • Support with arranging accommodation for families close to hospital
  • Helping organise childcare for siblings
  • Supporting brothers and sisters and other family members
  • Connecting with organisations that can give additional support.

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