Maintaining training momentum

Having your event delayed or cancelled can really hit you right where it hurts. It’s the moment you’ve been building up to, and to find out it’s been cancelled or postponed can be hugely disappointing.

It’s never easy to have goalposts moved, but this is certainly an unprecedented time and we’re all learning to roll with whatever comes our way. Trust us, we’re no experts in this, but here’s how we look at it…

If your event has been postponed, then you can be confident that you will be on that start line when it rolls around as an even better version of yourself right now. If it has been cancelled, then we need to refocus and rebook an event when the dust settles. Either way, all is not lost!

Getting outside for a local run or walk can be a good thing, but make sure you follow the latest Government advice around exercising, social distancing and self isolation. We need to protect ourselves and our communities – so exercise at a safe distance from others, pick less busy routes, avoid any unnecessary travel and stay within the Government’s guidelines.

Here’s our 5 top tips to keep your training momentum going:

Remember to continue following government guidelines closely over the next few months and alter your approach to training depending on government restrictions.

Above all, keep yourself and those closest to you safe. The dust will settle and that medal will be all the sweeter after this challenging journey!


P.S. this was written for you on the 26.03.2020. As we know, things are changing rapidly so please follow the most recent government guidelines and keep up to date with new advice.

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