Posted on Wednesday 16 September 2020

Seren’s story: “A grant is helping me reach my career goal to help others”

Seren has used her Thrive Not Just Survive grant, made possible by our partner, Societe Generale, to fund driving lessons to help her on the road to her long-term career goal.

Female in first aider uniform

Seren in her St John Ambulance uniform

Seren was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while studying English at university but her experiences led her into wanting to pursue a career in healthcare. With aspirations to join the ambulance service, last year Seren applied for a Thrive Not Just Survive grant to fund driving lessons so she’s one day able to drive an ambulance.

Her ability to drive will also come in useful with her volunteering for St John Ambulance, meaning she can get to events and venues, or provide voluntary transport. Long term, once passing her driving test in a car, Seren hopes to progress to a C1 licence so she can drive heavy vehicles like ambulances.

Though coronavirus put her driving lessons on hold, she’s now started back again and recently passed her theory test – well done Seren!

Apply now!

There’s still time to apply for this year’s Thrive not Just Survive grant, applications are still open for the silver and bronze grants – find out more here

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