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Kyle and Patricia’s story – coping with a 430 mile round-trip to treatment after being diagnosed with a rare eye cancer

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Kyle, 15, was diagnosed with a right eye ciliary melanoma in July 2019. Because of the rareness of the cancer, Kyle and his mum Patricia had to travel to Liverpool from Taunton to treatment – a 430 mile round-trip. Here, Patricia explains how the long journey to treatment has impacted on the family’s finances.

Sean’s story – “Travel for treatment was very costly. It’s hard enough going through your child having cancer, you don’t need more stress on top”

Monday 2 December 2019

Sean was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma in January 2014 when he was just five years old. The family had to travel from Perth to Edinburgh for treatment – an 80 mile round-trip. Mum Amanda explains how the diagnosis and travelling so far away from home had a huge financial impact.

Bilbo’s story: “I can tell you nothing will ever be as scary as my child getting cancer, if I can stare it in the face and come out the other side, I can take on the world.”

Friday 29 November 2019

Bilbo is six years old and was diagnosed with leukaemia in October 2018. This Christmas, Bilbo is starring in H. Samuel and Ernest Jones Christmas teddy bear campaign to raise vital funds for CLIC Sargent.

Philippa’s story – “The impact of travel costs can put you to breaking point”

Friday 29 November 2019

Philippa was diagnosed with Burkitts Leukaemia in September 2017 when she was just six years old. Mum Hayley and dad Gary faced a 160-mile round-trip the family’s home in Brighton to get their daughter to hospital in Southampton, where they were based for ten months.

Toby’s story – “CLIC Sargent made the difference for our family between coping and just not coping at all”

Monday 25 November 2019

Toby Holder was diagnosed with cancer at age two. Dad Adam Holder tells how CLIC House helped the family while Toby was in hospital.

Ellen’s story – “Staying at a CLIC Sargent Home from Home meant we didn’t have the stress of finding money to cover travel costs”

Monday 18 November 2019

While Ellen was in hospital, her family stayed at a Home from Home in Belfast which helped with financial costs.

Finn’s story – travelling 100 miles round-trip for cancer treatment was financially devastating

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Finn was diagnosed with leukaemia in October 2015 when he was just three-years-old. Mum Debbie shares their family story.

Elsa’s story – “We just felt horrified that our darling daughter would have the biggest battle so early in her life.”

Friday 18 October 2019

Twin Elsa from Devon was diagnosed with leukaemia when she was four years old. Here, dad Jason shares their family story from Elsa's diagnosis to returning to school.

Elsa and her twin Charlotte. When Elsa was diagnosed with cancer, it was the first time the twins were separated.

Jozef’s Story – “Gaming online with friends meant I could show them I was still there, and I was still me.”

Thursday 10 October 2019

Jozef, a two-time cancer survivor, shares his story of finding support through gaming.

Connor’s Story – “My gaming friends say they wished they’d known but they were supporting me without even realising it.”

Thursday 10 October 2019

Connor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after his first year at university. He shares his story of being supported by friends through gaming.