Mel and Kim's carpool karaoke

Melanie Ward and Kim Fudge are taking part in the London Marathon and to raise money for CLIC Sargent they have come up with a unique way to fundraise - asking people to request songs they will sing together in their car! Kim tells their story.

Mel and Kim's carpool karaoke

“It all happened one sunny December morning in 2016, when Mel and I were returning after a night out to an Elvis Tribute event in Exmouth. Still in a fun mood, we decided to pull into a layby, pop on our recently purchased glittery jackets for the night, Santa hats and film ourselves trying to sing along to the Elvis track ‘Suspicious Minds’.  We later posted the video on to Facebook and YouTube.

“Having surprisingly gained a little bit of interest in our recent carpool karaoke, Mel and I decided that it might be a fun way to raise some money for CLIC Sargent by asking for requests and donations and then dressing up and destroying the songs. 

“Within one month, we had been interviewed by our local radio station Wessex FM, appeared in our local newspaper the Dorset Echo. Even America have shown interest and donated after a recent article and lack of research!    

“We have been invited on to Air 107.2 to talk about our fundraising and they very kindly allowed us to record a community drop which goes out every day leading up to the London Marathon publicising CLIC Sargent.  

“We have been invited on to Radio Solent with Katie Martin and were staggered to be asked to review the local news for half an hour LIVE. We obviously agreed to do this, to further publicise CLIC Sargent and their amazing work, despite being terrified!

We can’t sing!

“We have been invited to sing in Morrisons' foyer and make a collection, which we are currently arranging and have also been asked to busk outside of the Weymouth CLIC Sargent Shop in Weymouth on a Bank Holiday weekend!  I don’t think people realise we can’t sing! 

“We have even had a couple of emails back from James Corden’s Agent Ruth, at United Agents in London to say that she will pass on our details to James’ assistant in America.  We have yet to hear back.

“I think that is what we have realised on our journey, that awareness and publicity is almost as important as raising funds, because once you have the publicity and awareness of how amazing and vital CLIC Sargent are, surely the funds and sponsorship will follow.

London Marathon day

“We are really looking forward to meeting all of the other incredible Team CLIC Sargent members on the day and are quite excited about the big day, although a little dubious, as we are hoping to sing our way around the course.  

"We are asking businesses to sponsor a mile for £100 and are planning on putting their website information on our pages and their names on our t-shirts. We have three businesses on board so far, but have a lot of work to do for all the others ahead of us.

“So far to date, we have recorded almost 100 songs in the past 11 weeks. This is all in one take (apart from the dedication bit, which we often get wrong!) with a selfie stick and recorded on an iPhone, with all our own props! We have raised almost £2,400 on our JustGiving page with more pledged.

“As forty-something mums, with three children each, we have been very touched with some of the stories that we have heard and how CLIC Sargent have been so supportive in what must be a parents worse nightmare.  To be able to raise funds for such an amazing charity is a real privilege."

Find out more 

If you'd like to donate and request a song from Mel and Kim visit their official JustGiving page.

To find out how you can take part in an upcoming running event for CLIC Sargent, please contact our Running Events team on 0845 602 4770 or