Jason's story

Jason, 27, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in July 2012 on his business management graduation day from Warwick University. With a job already lined up at a top accountancy firm, he felt his life was on hold. His CLIC Sargent Social Worker Tracey stepped in to fight his corner. Jason is determined to help other young cancer patients and in 2016 he became a CLIC Sargent Trustee.

Jason's story

Graduation day

Jason said, “I was diagnosed with cancer on my graduation day. Receiving my diagnosis was devastating. I didn’t expect to get cancer at my age and I was completely unprepared for the test of strength, endurance and sheer willpower needed to deal with it. But CLIC Sargent was there for me giving me the strength to face cancer.”

Expert package of care

CLIC Sargent Social Worker Tracey provided Jason and his family with a tailored package of support to help minimise the disruption cancer can cause. She liaised with Jason’s future employer and deferred his start date for a year.  

Jason continued, “CLIC Sargent knows and understands what I was going through during my cancer treatment and afterwards. My social workers, the staff at Billy’s House, CLIC Sargent’s Home from Home in Nottingham, and all the other CLIC Sargent staff are caring and most importantly willing to listen to my problems and have helped me find solutions.

“I had to move homes because of cancer, defer my employment, get used to a new city, deal with a breakup with my girlfriend, and many other problems along the way. CLIC Sargent is always there for me.”

“Since recovering from cancer, I am now more determined than ever to help other children and young people with cancer receive CLIC Sargent’s help and support, both now and in the future, which is why I recently became a CLIC Sargent Trustee.”  

A gift in your Will

Gifts in Wills are hugely important in ensuring that we can be there for all young lives facing cancer in the future.  

When young cancer patients like Jason are full of fear, anxiety and confusion, CLIC Sargent is there to provide expert support so that they and their families will always have someone to turn to when the doctor says cancer. We fight tirelessly for children and young people with cancer, often when they feel they can’t. 

Be amazing today and make a difference tomorrow. Leave a gift in your Will to CLIC Sargent and one day in the future you’ll help us fight for young lives against cancer. Order your information booklet.

Alternatively, to find out about leaving CLIC Sargent a gift in your Will, please contact our Gift in Wills Team on 0300 330 0803 or email: giftsinwills@clicsargent.org.uk