South Shields Town Hall glows gold

South Shields Town Hall will glow gold on 1 September as part of Glow Gold September – raising awareness of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

South Shields Town Hall glows gold

The Mayor of South Tyneside, Councillor Alan Smith, said: “I am delighted that South Shields Town Hall will be joining iconic buildings across the UK and the world to help raise awareness of this campaign.

“Hopefully its illumination will encourage residents to learn about the early symptoms and signs of childhood cancer.

“We are keen to show our support for Glow Gold September as well as for the parents and volunteers behind this remarkable campaign.”

Julie and Paul Yates are some of those parents. Paul, 41, originally from Jarrow, but now living near Edinburgh, joined the campaign after his daughter Niamh had cancer. Niamh was diagnosed with an undifferentiated sarcoma on her lower spine in January 2012 aged 12.

In November 2012 she was classed as being in remission, however, she will suffer lifelong side effects from her treatment. Despite that and despite struggling at school since she completed treatment, this year she attained A’s and B’s in her exams which will enable her to pursue her dream of going to university to study politics.

Julie said: “I literally hadn’t a clue about children’s cancers before my daughter got it.

“I knew about leukaemia and brain tumours but I didn’t know a child could get bone cancer or soft tissue cancer.

“Like many other parents who find themselves in my position, I didn’t know the signs or red flags.

“The earlier your child is diagnosed, the better chance you have of survival in some cases.

“The Glow Gold Campaign want to change the perception of childhood cancer and make it less taboo, we want it to be talked about.”


Julie and her family were supported by a CLIC Sargent Social Worker in Edinburgh when Niamh was ill, and Paul stayed in CLIC Villa, one of CLIC Sargent’s Homes from Home

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Dee Tyler said: “I am completely in awe of what the Glow Gold September campaign team have achieved, all on a volunteer basis.

“They have recruited venues from far and wide including the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle to Los Angeles Airport in America.

“They should be so proud of everything they have achieved.”

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