How you gave your support

Our total income in 2015/2016 was £24.87 million

£6.77m Income generated from local fundraising initiatives throughout the UK and mass participation events

£3.02m Income from donors who leave us a gift in their will

£2.60m Income raised by selling products in our shops, through mail order or online

£3.59m Donations from trusts and foundations, income raised through special events and large gifts from individuals

£3.56m Income raised through our corporate partnerships

£5.21m Income from individuals giving regular or cash donations

£0.12m Investment and other income

This is what we did with it

26% Reducing the practical and financial impact of cancer treatment

27% Supporting emotional wellbeing and resilience

31% Supporting family life and maximising the time spent safely at home during treatment

16%Enabling access to education, training and employment

Our income and how we spent it

In 2015/2016 we raised £24.87 million. We spent £25.79 million supporting young cancer patients, delivering our mission of changing what it means to be diagnosed with cancer when you’re young.

We spent £13.91 million directly on providing our vital services to children and young people with cancer, and their families. We also invested £2.17 million in improving our services, including our Home from Homes. We opened our second Home from Home in Belfast, for young people, and relocated our Home from Home in Glasgow in line with the hospital move, each providing free accommodation that keeps families together during treatment at hospital. We also completed the purchase of the building for our new Home from Home in Edinburgh.

We spent slightly more than we raised to support young cancer patients and ensure our services continued to grow. We funded this additional spend using our free reserves. It is clear that this can only be a short-term measure. We have clear plans in place to raise the income we need, and we are carefully reviewing all aspects of our expenditure to ensure every pound generates maximum impact for young cancer patients and their families.

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