Home or hospice

If your child dies at home or at a hospice

If you are on your own and your child dies at home you should contact your community nurse or GP as soon as possible.

Your GP will visit you at home and will normally issue a medical certificate of death. As with a death in hospital, a GP may not be able to issue a certificate and may need to refer to the coroner.

Once the death of your child has been certified by your GP you can contact a funeral director to talk about arrangements for a funeral according to your wishes.

You have a number of choices:

  • Your child can be taken to a chapel of rest when you are ready and remain there until the funeral
  • Your child can be taken to a chapel of rest and then return home at any point before the funeral
  • Your child can remain at home with you until the funeral.

If your child is at home, at some point they will need to be moved. This can be arranged through your funeral directors or you may use a private ambulance service.

The point when your child is taken away from your home is likely to be very emotional, and you may prefer to remain in another part of the house or choose not to be at home. You can carry your child from your house or you may ask for help from your family or the funeral director/ambulance service. Sometimes a stretcher on wheels is recommended.

Review July 2014, next planned review 2017