Best friends Charlie and Tyler celebrate International Day of Friendship

We're celebrating International Friendship Day with the story of best friends Charlie and Tyler. They first met in hospital two years ago while undergoing cancer treatment and clicked straight away. They've both since joined CLIC Sargent’s Children’s Advisory Group (CAG), where they enjoy sharing their experiences and ideas.

Best friends Charlie and Tyler celebrate International Day of Friendship

Charlie and Tyler, both 12, first bonded over a love of video games and their mums Catherine and Leanne quickly became friends too.

The boys have since gone on days out, including to the Lego show and even Alton Towers.

Charlie’s mum Catherine said: “Charlie is a quiet boy and feels more comfortable saying certain things around Tyler than he does with his school friends.

“He’s happy to tell Tyler if he’s feeling tired or if something hurts, which he isn’t always comfortable to do around other kids.

People who really understand

“It’s nice to be able to talk about treatment and other things with people who really understand.”

Charlie said: “Tyler’s really nice and funny – we met in hospital and we were very similar.

“We do loads like play on the X-box, shoot each other with Nerf guns, and once we went to Alton Towers.”

Influence and shape CLIC Sargent

The pair attended their first Children's Advisory Group meeting in March last year. The group is for children aged seven to 14 who have, or have had cancer.

They get together to talk about their experiences and ideas to influence and shape the future of CLIC Sargent. Many make friends as it’s a great way to meet other children who have shared a similar experience.

Find out more

If your child is seven to 14 years old and has, or has had cancer, and would like to get involved with our Children’s Advisory Group please email: