Two schools, one goal

Cornish schools - Liskeard School and Wadebridge School have chosen CLIC Sargent as their charity of the year for 2015 for the same reason; because they have been inspired by the support CLIC Sargent has provided present and previous students of their respective school.

Liskeard School staff and students participating in Wig Wednesday 2014.

Liskeard School

Liskeard School is fundraising in support of Year 11 student Chloe, who is currently receiving treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The school were involved in Wig Wednesday last year and want to develop their fundraising this year with Little Change, Big Change collections at the beginning of every assembly, organising their own Christmas event and participating school-wide in Wig Wednesday 2015.

Chloe’s sisters and Liskeard Leopards rugby teammates, also students at the school, showed their support when they 'Jumped for Chloe' participating in the Dartmoor Drop earlier this year in September. 

Head of Year 11 at Liskeard School, Alex Mitchell, said: “The Year 11s at Liskeard School are very enthused about fundraising for CLIC Sargent in their final school year. Chloe is a popular student and we are excited to show our support as a year group to CLIC Sargent.”

Wadebridge School

Wadebridge School has been inspired by Matt, a previous student who has been supported by CLIC Sargent. Matt visited Wadebridge School during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to talk about the impact of cancer on young people. Matt engaged the students and staff with his cancer journey story, personality and attitude to life.

Following the talk, Matt met with the Sixth Form pastoral administrative support, Sarah Fisher, and the Sixth Form Council to discuss their fundraising ideas. The Sixth Form charity team provided some insightful and creative ideas for fundraising this year including; Elf! a Christmas movie night, KICK! At the 6th form Open Evening, and some secret activities for their RaG week.

Sarah says: “We are all really excited to show our support for CLIC Sargent this year. The Sixth Form Council are working really hard to raise as much money as possibe throughout the year.”

Fundraising Manager for Cornwall, Georgina Reed, says: “We are so pleased that both Liskeard School and Wadebridge School have chosen CLIC Sargent as their charity of the year. It is also great to have Matt on board to help out with fundraising events and talks at the schools. He is a great character which students are immediately inspired by. Both schools have some big plans for the year to make a huge difference to the lives of children and young people with cancer.”