Uxbridge High School raises £230.15 for CLIC Sargent

In April 2012, students at Uxbridge High School lost their friend and classmate Jamaal Salandy to a brain tumour. On Thursday 12 July, two forms in year 10 presented a cheque to Elizabeth Charing from CLIC Sargent for £230.15.

Uxbridge High School raises £230.15 for CLIC Sargent

Every year Uxbridge High School holds an international evening, and this year was dedicated to Jamaal. Two forms in year 10 joined forces to raise money in Jamaal's memory. They did this by selling Rice and Peas, Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken and Ginger Beer, in light of Jamaal's Jamaican heritage. Some students even put themselves in medieval stocks for the day, where they were sponged by their teachers, friends and parents for a small fee.

Elizabeth Charing, Fundraising Coordinator at CLIC Sargent "We're delighted to have received support from Uxbridge High School. The money that the pupils have raised could help to fund accommodation for a family at a CLIC Sargent Home from Home for a week. Here they can stay together within walking distance of the hospital where their child is being treated, which is often many miles from their own home."

Year 10 form tutors Melanie Kindley-Deeks and Aidan Leach said “They were incredibly proud of their form groups and the efforts they made.”