CLIC Sargent partners with Assured Revenue

CLIC Sargent has partnered with Assured Revenue, an affiliate programme, after the co-founder read the story of one of our service users.

Assured Revenue has created an affiliate programme designed to boost company revenue by allowing individuals to purchase advertising campaigns. Those individuals will then be offered a share of the company’s profits until the advertising campaign ends.

The company was co-founded in February 2016 by Gary James Wood, father of two.

Gary said: “Back in 2013 I experienced a very tough time in my personal life, with many things hitting me from all angles. When I believed to be at my lowest point in life, I equally found myself to be very fortunate.

“One day I checked my inbox and I had received an e-newsletter from CLIC Sargent. There was one story in particular regarding a young boy who wanted to be with his family at Christmas, and CLIC Sargent made that possible.

“The story opened my eyes and made me realise how difficult it is for others less fortunate than me, and it made me think that if this amazing child fighting the battle of his life can be so strong and keep going, then so can I.

“I started to donate £20 a month, and now I want to help more children and families in the same position, fighting the same battle.”

Assured Revenue will donate a percentage of their profits to CLIC Sargent on a monthly basis, with a target of £10,000 in their first year. They are also supporting the RSPCA and NSPCC.

Thank you

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Charlie Straker said: “I am delighted that Assured Revenue have chosen to partner with CLIC Sargent. It’s always special to work with those who are truly enthusiastic about the support that CLIC Sargent offers to children and young people with cancer, and their families.

“CLIC Sargent can currently only support two out of three children and young people with cancer. But with long-term partnerships such as Assured Revenue, we will be able to continue our support and reach our aim of helping three out three.”

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