J D Wetherspoon fundraising for young cancer patients reaches £15 million milestone

J D Wetherspoon staff are celebrating having raised an amazing £15 million to support young lives struck by cancer with CLIC Sargent.

J D Wetherspoon fundraising for young cancer patients reaches £15 million milestone

The incredible milestone means fundraisers at J D Wetherspoon pubs across the country have raised the equivalent of £1 million each year since the partnership began in 2002. 

Thank you

Staff have been thanked by three young cancer patients who have been supported by CLIC Sargent, Ayesha McGregor, Helen Haar and Tom Farrington. 

Ayesha thanks J D Wetherspoons for raising £15 millionAyesha, 20, from North Ayrshire, Scotland, was supported by CLIC Sargent after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2015, when she was aged 18 and in her first year at university. 

Ayesha received support from a CLIC Sargent Social Worker, who helped her with grants and benefit applications to lessen the financial impact of cancer treatment. 

She said: “I had to stop working so I had no income. I couldn’t go out and do things for myself or spend time with my friends. I had to travel around 40 miles to Glasgow for my treatment which meant we were spending extra money on petrol.

“I met my CLIC Sargent Social Worker on my first day of chemotherapy. She helped me to address my money worries and gave me lots of emotional support. Just knowing that there was someone I could talk to or ask for help with anything was great."

“My experience without CLIC Sargent would have been completely different. I’ve managed to gain more confidence and meet new friends. Without my social worker’s support it would have been a much lonelier experience.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at J D Wetherspoon for raising an incredible £15 million for CLIC Sargent."

“This is an amazing milestone and it’s impossible to put into words how much it means as it will help so many young people like me.”

A chance encounter

J D Wetherspoon is CLIC Sargent’s longest-standing corporate partner. The partnership was formed when the pub chain’s founder, Tim Martin, found himself sat opposite the charity’s then chief executive David Ellis on a train journey. The chance meeting led to the agreement of a fundraising partnership with an initial target of £500,000.

Tim Martin said: “We are extremely proud of the fact that we have now raised £15 million for the charity, due to the dedication and efforts of our staff and customers. 

“We know that the fight for young lives against cancer is ongoing and we want to help CLIC Sargent be there for every family that needs support in the future.”  

Blown away

Kate Lee, CEO of CLIC Sargent, said:

“We are blown away by the ongoing dedication and enthusiasm from J D Wetherspoon staff. They have done an outstanding job to reach this incredible milestone and we can’t thank them enough. 

“Every penny raised makes a life-changing difference to families when a young person receives a cancer diagnosis. Treatment can be long and gruelling, and often far from home. CLIC Sargent provides vital frontline services, support, free accommodation at our 10 Homes from Home and financial grants.

“Thanks to support from the likes of J D Wetherspoon we can continue to limit the damage cancer causes to young people beyond their health.”

When cancer strikes young lives, CLIC Sargent’s specialist care teams provide a package of support tailored to each young cancer patient and their family.

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