Parents take on Bath Half Marathon in support of daughter

Paula and Ian are taking on the 13.1 mile course of the Bath Half Marathon this March in support of daughter Heidi. The whole family have been supported by CLIC Sargent since September 2015 when Heidi was diagnosed with cancer aged two.

Paula said: "Our gorgeous daughter Heidi was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in September 2015, at the age of two.

"She was put on the highest intensity chemotherapy treatment protocol which lasted nine months and is now on maintenance chemotherapy until February 2018.

"She has coped brilliantly with all the chemo, lumbar punctures, blood transfusions, hospital stays etc, and we are immensely proud of her. Now that Heidi is in the maintenance stage of treatment it means life can resume a different sort of 'normal'.   

"We now therefore have a bit more time to spend on getting fitter and healthier and what better way to motivate us than the opportunity to give back to CLIC Sargent and say thank you for all the ways they have supported us, and will continue to support us through to the end of treatment, such as:

“We are also aware that, although Heidi's prognosis is excellent, not all children with cancer will have the same outcome. We know that CLIC Sargent offer an amazing support network to all the families they touch and they want to extend this to support EVERY family affected by childhood cancer.

"Training has been going well so far, and we have been doing a couple of 10k events in preparation (whilst proudly wearing our CLIC Sargent running vests).

"We also plan to do some longer distances over the next seven weeks to make sure we are half marathon ready by 12 March. 

"We are currently over halfway to our fundraising target of £1,500.  As well as inspiring us to do the Bath Half, our brave and special little girl has also been inspiring our friends and family to do their own challenges for CLIC Sargent (cycling, running and mountaineering so far) and the total team amount raised for CLIC Sargent is currently at £4,950 and climbing. We are so very proud of her."

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You too can take part in the Bath Half Marathon to support young lives against cancer. Sign up now to take part and raise money for CLIC Sargent. To find out more please contact our Runs team on 0845 602 4770 or