Our children create festive Morrisons recipe cards

Six children with experience of cancer were welcomed into the Morrisons Head Office kitchen to come up with the some tasty festive treats. The recipes are now in stores and will help raise awareness of CLIC Sargent.

Morrisons chef Jon Coates gives a demonstration to CLIC Sargent children

Rudolph cupcakes, fruity bruschetta and vegan butternut squash tarts were amongst the festive foods our children have been rustling up for Morrisons.

Five children who have had cancer and one sibling were put through their paces by Morrisons chef Jon Coates, as he welcomed them to the Bradford head office for a day of tasting, cooking and making.

The youngsters, who came from as far as Wales and Northampton for the festive session, have all had support from CLIC Sargent and shared their experiences with each other.

The first of six cards are available in Morrisons stores from November 27. They can be found at the shelf edge near the key ingredients for each recipe.

Adam, 12

Adam was diagnosed with T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia  in January 2010, when he was just four. He is now cancer free, but CLIC Sargent still support the family and help Adam deal with late effects from treatment. Dad, Jeff, said: “Without the continued support of our CLIC Sargent social worker, Rhiann, an awful situation would have been unbearable.”

Jorge, 13

In August 2016, Jorge was diagnosed with a metastatic paraganglioma – a extremely rare cancer caused by a faulty gene. He regularly makes the 360 mile round trip for radiation therapy at University College Hospital, London where he stays with his family free-of-charge at a CLIC Sargent Home from Home, Paul’s House. Mum, Sarah, said: “It is one thing off my mind knowing I can stay with him there, 24/7 , when he has treatment.”

Isobel, 12

On New Years Day 2009, Isobel, then three years old, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The tot was sent for treatment the same day, and remained on treatment until March 2011. Mum, Helen, said: “We had a fantastic CLIC Sargent social worker who helped us with things like applying for grants and filling in lengthy benefits forms. I found those things extremely difficult when I was trying to concentrate on Isobel – so it was invaluable.”

Maisie , 9, and sister Cecily, 12

Maisie was still in her school uniform when she was rushed to hospital 70 miles away for leukaemia treatment, after arriving at her local hospital with an achy shoulder. Her whole family, including sister Cecily, were able to stay with Maisie free-of-charge at CLIC Sargent Home from Home, Billy’s House, while she had treatment. Mum, Sarah, said: “Billy’s House was an absolute life line. I don’t know what we would have done without it – it felt like a proper home, and somewhere we could just be a normal family.”

Amber, 8

Amber has undergone brain surgery, chemotherapy to treat the brain tumour she was diagnosed with at eight months old. In Spring 2017, she went to Oklahoma for proton beam therapy, to shrink her tumour. Mum, Lara, said: “Our CLIC Sargent social worker has become like part of the family. It is amazing the support they give to families like ours. They are always there, ready to help and support us no matter what it is we need. It is incredible, really.”

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