Connor to run the London Marathon

Connor Grant was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in early 2013 and received treatment through most of the year. Connor, from Cardiff, is now in remission and is taking on his first marathon in London in just a few weeks time. Here, he tells his story.

Connor to run the London Marathon

“I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in early 2013 and for most of the year I was having treatment, and I finished chemotherapy in November.

"I went into remission at the end of the year. I had tunnel vision, not wanting cancer to get in the way of things. I wanted to get back to university, back into everything. 

Caught the running bug

“CLIC Sargent helped me when I had cancer. I’ve run once before - I did the Cardiff Half in 2014. I know exercise is a good way to cope with your recovery so I thought I might as well take up a challenge and raise some money in the process. 

“I really caught the running bug once I was in remission. I’d been warned off the London marathon. I gave it a year, and without something to train for it was harder to run. So I signed up and thought ‘I have to do it now!’.

"I mostly run because I enjoy running, but also it’s a nice way to give something back after all the help I received from CLIC Sargent. 

My recovery 

“Running was really really important to me and my recovery. As soon as I was able to get up and do it I found a really nice connection with it. It was a nice way to clear my head. 

“The training is kind of what I expected but it’s been side-lined by a knee injury and I don’t I think I have got the balance, strength and conditioning training just yet. Although it is what I expected, it’s still harder than anything I’ve done before. 

“Training for the marathon is a rewarding process to go through. You’ve got to train, got to work. You’re doing it for charity. You have to better yourself improving health and fitness. You have to think about hydration and nutrition.

“I will meet my fundraising target – it’s started off quite slowly but I’m getting there. The target is £1,800 so I’m hoping to beat that."

Find out more 

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