Children's Funeral Fund: our letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond

CLIC Sargent's Chief Executive, Kate Lee, has written to Chancellor Philip Hammond to explain why it's vital a Children's Funeral Fund is created to help families cope as best they can when the worst happens.

Children's Funeral Fund: our letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond

In the letter, co-written with the Chief Executive of Child Bereavement UK Ann Chalmers, Kate and Ann explain how the cost of a funeral imposes a crippling and unmanageable financial burden on bereaved parents, during what is an already impossible time.

A Children's Funeral Fund

With £10 million a year, the government could create a Children’s Funeral Fund, and help relieve a considerable financial burden on grieving parents.

We believe families should be able to bury their loved ones with dignity, without having to worry about how they will meet the cost.

How you can help

Email your MPEmail your MP asking them to support the campaign by urging the Chancellor to announce a Children’s Funeral Fund in the forthcoming Budget on 8 March.

Our letter to the Chancellor Philip Hammond on the Children's Funeral Fund.

Find out more

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