CLIC Sargent responds to NHS England Cancer Patient Experience Survey

NHS England has today (21 July) released the findings of its annual Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES). Each year 70,000 patients report to the CPES on a range of experiences related to their care.  For example, how long they have had to wait before first seeing a hospital doctor, or how clearly they felt the results of tests were explained to them.

CLIC Sargent responds to NHS England Cancer Patient Experience Survey

Responding to the new findings, Clare Laxton, Assistant Director of Policy and Influencing at children and young people’s cancer support charity CLIC Sargent, said:   

“The Cancer Patient Experience Survey is designed to assess how people are experiencing their cancer care and identify areas for improvement. 

“Yet cancer patients under the age of 16 are not part of this survey which means that their experiences are not heard. This leaves around 1,800 children who are diagnosed with cancer each year without a voice." 

"And we have seen the response rate for young cancer patients aged 16-24 fall again, as it has steadily over past years, from a high of 442 in 2010, to this new low of 242. This means key questions remain unanswered about how age can affect a person's experience of cancer care. 

"CLIC Sargent is expert in involving children and young people in their care, and we look forward to working with NHS England to help address these issues, so that both children and young people get a full say in the Cancer Patient Experience Survey in the future.” 

For more information please contact Claire Monger at CLIC Sargent on 07932 666 163 or email