Durham University Jailbreak event raises £500

Durham University Students Rachel Bronstein and Jess Hof have won the Durham University's Charities Kommittee's (DUCK) Jailbreak event, reaching the coast of Turkey and raising money for CLIC Sargent along the way.

The event which takes place twice a year from Durham University, sees teams of two or three trying to get as far from the university as possible without spending any of their own money, using only cardboard signs and their wits.

Rachel and Jess made it the furthest out of any participants, making it all the way to Antalya on the south coast of Turkey! They also chose to start the event dressed as Nintendo characters, Mario and Luigi.

Rachel said “Although an exhausting experience it was a great one too. We learnt a lot and are so glad to have done it for a good cause. We hope that getting so far means that we will be able to raise even more for CLIC Sargent.”

So far the duo has raised over £500 for CLIC Sargent. This money could pay for three CLIC Sargent grants that help children and young people with cancer, and their families meet the sudden extra costs that a cancer diagnosis can meet.

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager, Dee Tyler said: “It’s wonderful to have Rachel and Jess’s support. They have done a great job in raising so much money and getting so far. They should be very proud of themselves."

Thank you to Jess and Rachel for raising funds for CLIC Sargent whilst taking on this incredible challenge.

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To find out how you or your university can help raise funds for CLIC Sargent, please contact Dee Tyler on 07767 621705 or email: dee.tyler@clicsargent.org.uk.