Children's Summer Residential

One of the highlights of 2017 was our Children’s and Parents’ Advisory Group residential. Children who CLIC Sargent has supported, their siblings and parents came together for two days of fun, while helping shape the future of the charity.

Children's Advisory Group Residential 2017

Our Children's Advisory Group (CAG) is for children aged seven to 14 from across the UK who have, or have had cancer. They get together and talk about their experiences and ideas - to help make CLIC Sargent better!

Advice for NHS England 

The children undertook an interactive session with representatives from NHS England, to share their experiences of cancer. They talked about some of the positives, which included spending time with their dad, going on trips, making friends in hospital and meeting lovely doctors and nurses.

Some of the struggles included missing out on school, not having friends around, not being able to go swimming or do sports and feeling sick from the chemotherapy.

Below is a brilliant graphic representation of the session:  

NHS England - Children's Advice

Personal stories

The children shared some memorable moments from during their treatment and their support from CLIC Sargent:

Daisy, 11 said: “On my ninth birthday Amy the nurse (my favourite!) gave me tiger cupcakes because tigers are my favourite animal. The ward gave me a cuddly toy monkey and some fluffy socks. And they put Happy Birthday signs on the doors!"

Isobel, 12, said: “The nurse gave me medicine that tasted like banana. The nurse had new shoes on and I didn’t like banana at all, so when he gave it to me I threw up on his new shoes."

Adam,12, described his day at the summer residential: "I travelled in a car for three hours with my mum. When I first got there I got orange juice. I was waiting we played a game to know each other then it was break for half hour then we played a game The Wind Blows Away. We played the scavenger hunt I nearly found them all! We played games arts and craft then we had lunch I had fish and chips."

Daisy, 11, said: “Yesterday at the CLIC Sargent residential I made two friends, Isobel and Lottie. Isobel is 12 and she is starting year eight and Lottie is 10 and she is very nice. We really liked getting hot chocolate from the drinks machine and the lime juice is really nice! I made a spinning top in the craft session and I coloured it blue, black and orange."

Poem by Lottie

Lottie, 10, wrote the following poem to offer advice to other children also going through treatment. 

Poem by Lottie

Find out more 

To find out more about CLIC Sargent, and how the charity supports children and young people with cancer, please visit our website.