Children took over CLIC Sargent!

CLIC Sargent has been taken over by children! This November the CLIC Sargent Children’s Advisory Group took charge of the organisation for a day, meeting directly with the Trustees and Executive Team and telling them what’s important for children and what needs to change for children diagnosed with cancer.

CAG takeover day 2017

Our Children's Advisory Group (CAG) is for children aged seven to 14 from across the UK who have, or have had cancer. They get together and talk about their experiences and ideas - to help make CLIC Sargent better!

Splendid rules for a splendid team

The afternoon saw mixed teams of children, trustees and executive members tackling CLIC Sargent’s challenge of becoming #oneteam. They shared their team work experience, brainstormed the pros and cons and developed rules for working in teams. 

The children challenged the adults to think differently and find ways to implement their rules in their ways of working.

The rules were presented imaginatively through a video, a play and also a rap:

Teamwork is about working together, to get the job done,

If you don’t work together you’ll have a frown,

Here’s the list of don’ts and dos,

If you follow these, you will avoid the blues,

Listen to each other and share ideas,

Speak up loud and open your ears,

Encourage each other and give support,

That way you’ll come up with great new thoughts,

All the time it’s best to be nice,

Otherwise you’ll pay the price,

Remember don’t leave anyone out, Otherwise people will argue and shout,

Never compete against each other,

Treat everyone like your sister or brother,

If you follow the golden rule,

Then your team will be really cool!

The children also prepared a quiz about issues close to their hearts; from being away from home to hospital food, treatment and access to technology.

They challenged CLIC Sargent’s top team to learn more about them and what’s most important.

CAG takeover Day 2017

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