CLIC Sargent's Takeover Day

CLIC Sargent welcomed a fantastic group of young people to take over some of its top roles on Friday, as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge.

Here, one of those young people, Ceinwen Stone, who became Communications Assistant for the day, blogs about CLIC Sargent's Takeover Day.

CLIC Sargent's Takeover Day

The idea for Takeover Day came up quite a while ago in a Participation Group meeting. Kate Lee (CLIC Sargent's usual CEO) had previously taken part in takeover days at a previous charity and was also keen to see it happen at CLIC Sargent.

We looked at ways in which it could be achieved and the best day to run it on – today seemed perfect as there is a national #takeoverdaychallenge with the Children’s Commissioner

The positions for the day were offered to members of the YPRG (CLIC Sargent's Young People's Reference Group, made up from people they have supported to inspire and influence the work and direction of CLIC Sargent) as it’s a big step to take both for us and the charity so this seemed like a good group to test it.

A post was put up on the Facebook group and emailed out to us all, offering us the opportunity to take part. In this post we were asked to express an interest for a particular role.

On our journey to London our Facebook group was alive with so many excited comments from, 'hey guys anyone seen my company car' (CLIC Sargent is a charity - no-one has company cars). To 'hey, as CEO could someone go get me a coffee'.

It was fantastic, especially to see emails from our social workers getting involved too, jokingly asking for pay rises. Definitely the best way to start any day.  

We began by having a briefing about what to expect from the day and then had a tour of the offices as some of the group hadn't been before.

My role for the day has been as the Communications Assistant. I have been able to learn all about the role, which includes pulling together the daily news stories and sending them out across the whole of the charity, dealing with requests for real life stories and quotes for news stories, helping the teams to share their messages digitally and so much more!

I don’t think I'd put much thought into what a difference one role makes to a charity - I think I've always viewed it very much as a whole (despite interning with the charity last year where I developed a good understanding of how the charity works).

My tasks for the day included conducting interviews with the new CEO, Fay Turner-Paxton (and advisor to the CEO, Kate Lee), as well as the Director of Services Pete Jerrett (and the advisor of services, Dara De Burca).

I also wrote a blog post about the day and this piece for the website, and was briefed on how to make contact with some local press about Takeover Day.  I was also able to sit in on the executive team meeting for the first item agenda.

I have to say how immensely proud I am of all of my friends. It was incredible to see them place themselves into their director roles and so eloquently getting their points across. I've really loved being part of this incredible day and I cannot wait to be part of the developing group for the next one to be a success for other children and young people to #takeover.

Thank you

A huge thank you to all of the staff and young people who took part:

  • CEO - Fay Turner-Paxton (Kate Lee)
  • Director of services - Pete Jerrett (Dara De Burca) 
  • Director of Finance and corporate resources - Connor Grant (Kevin O'Brien)
  • Director Income and Engagement - Libby Welch (Rachel Kirby-Rider)
  • Assistant Director of Planning strategy and performance - Rachel Blackford (Jenny Turner)
  • Impact and performance analyst - Tish Annand-Beanse (Jane Cooling)
  • Project manager and EA to CEO and Chair - Seren Hughes (Diane  Swanton)
  • Digital Communications Manager - Bradley Gudger (Sally Archer)
  • Communications Assistant - Me - Ceinwen Stone (Rebecca Bourley)
  • And CLIC Sargent's amazing Participation team, Rebecca Horder and Tracey Cosgrave.