An update on Northern Ireland's Home from Home Appeal

Construction work for Northern Ireland’s first CLIC Sargent Home from Home is well underway. The build is progressing at such a rate that passers-by will notice something new every day. Cecilia Milburn, CLIC Sargent Services Team Leader reflects on how the building site is changing and what’s next for the project.

An update on Northern Ireland's Home from Home Appeal

"As CLIC Sargent Social Workers based at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children (RBHSC) we have a great view from our office window onto the development site for the Home from Home."

Making progress

"The building is progressing at such speed there is usually something new to see each day. In just a few weeks the building has gone from an empty site to a wood frame clad in insulation to now having brick walls and a roof line.

"It is certainly a talking point around the hospital not least with the medical and social care teams who are delighted the Home from Home is going to be available to families soon."

Choosing fixtures and fittings

"The building work is due to finish in November so I am working with Home from Home Project Manager, Roisin McKenna, to choose flooring, fixtures and fittings for the house. We enlisted the help of some young out-patients at RBHSC and their families.

"Roisin made mood boards full of pictures to help the discussion along. The views and opinions of all those who took part will be taken into consideration when we make our final decisions. It was great to meet families who are currently travelling significant distances and be reminded again why this project is so important."

Finding a House Manager

"I am sorting through all the applications for the House Manager’s post which has been advertised over the last two weeks. We are hoping to interview next week and, assuming all goes to plan, have someone in post in November. It is a really exciting time for the CLIC Sargent Services Team as we look forward to the opening of the Children’s Home from Home and welcoming a new team member."

Teenager and Young Adult Home from Home

"CLIC Sargent Social Workers at The Northern Ireland Cancer Centre are hoping to being in the same position as their colleagues in the not too distant future as the Teenager and Young Adult (TYA) Home from Home progresses through planning. In the meantime, we can make some use of the building CLIC Sargent purchased to develop into the TYA Home from Home.

"Last week a group of young people with cancer met there, with CLIC Sargent Social Workers and a specialist employment advisor, as part of a Big Lottery funded programme. They were looking at ways to maximise their education and employment opportunities during and after treatment."

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported the appeal so far.