Young people to take over CLIC Sargent

Young people will be stepping into some of the top roles at CLIC Sargent this Friday, as part of a special Takeover Day.

Young people to take over CLIC Sargent

The charity will be welcoming a fantastic group of young people as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge, a hugely successful project which sees organisations across England opening their doors to children and young people to take over adult roles.

Roles the young people will take over on Friday 18 November include that of CLIC Sargent’s Chief Executive Kate Lee, along with the rest of the charity’s senior executive team

Taking over

The young people, who will also have the opportunity to ‘take over’ the executive team’s meeting on the day, were asked how their interests and skills fit with the role they applied for, what they would gain from the opportunity of ‘taking over’ the role and any particular areas of interest they have in the role.

One young person said they wanted to ‘push boundaries to make CLIC Sargent even better than it already is’ and another said they thought the experience would help them when applying for jobs in the future.

All of the young people taking part on the day are known to CLIC Sargent’s Participation service, which aims to engage young people in the running of the charity. Some are members of our Young People’s Reference Group (YPRG) and some are currently interning with the charity.

A great opportunity

CLIC Sargent’s Participation Lead for Young People Rebecca Horder said: “This is a great opportunity for us all to work directly with young people that we support and give them a taste of what it’s like to be in our shoes. 

“CLIC Sargent believes if you’re a young person who has had cancer; you’re the best person to explain what it's really like and tell us what support is needed. 

“Every part of CLIC Sargent – from our services staff to our fundraising teams – are involved in creating opportunities for children and young people to share their opinions. 

“By working with and listening to children and young people, we can make a difference together. Our Young People’s Reference group supports young people from across the UK aged 15 to 26 to have their voices and ideas incorporated in all aspects of our work, whilst they are getting something out of it in terms of building confidence and gaining skills.”

The team

Fay Turner-Paxton - CEO

"I have such admiration for the responsibilities Kate [CLIC Sargent CEO] manages to juggle and how well she does it. I'd love to develop more leadership skills and confidence.

"I’m typically seen as the quieter one but I’m pretty creative and have lots of ideas so it will be good to take on a role like this and put them forward." 

Aimee Jordan – Director of People and Learning

"I am looking forward to the take over challenge within CLIC Sargent as they are a charity close to my heart as I am 6 months post treatment and can vouch first hand for their hard work and determination so I am honoured to lend a helping hand and experience the work they do alongside Jane Couling, Director of People & Learning."

Connor Grant – Director of Finance and Corporate Resources

"I think that it's a really rewarding experience to be directly involved in some of the decision-making processes of a charity that has had such a big impact on my life.

"I also find it incredibly reassuring that CLIC Sargent actively engage with the people they provide a service for to ensure that they're heading in the right direction and making the right decisions – it really emphasises that they care about your opinion and value it in helping to shape the charity." 

Libby Welch – Director of Income and Engagement 

"Two years ago, I found myself in the position of being one of the 11 young lives that day to be diagnosed with cancer. After weeks of pain and misdiagnosis, I was finally told that a rare type of soft tissue sarcoma.

"I was allocated a CLIC Sargent social worker who provided incredible emotional support during this period and even managed to organise a CLIC Sargent financial grant to help cover some of the costs associated with having cancer." 

Pete Jerrett – Director of Services

I'm both excited and nervous to be Director of Services for the day! I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2013, at 18, and recently finished three-and-a-half years of chemotherapy.

"During this time, I was lucky enough to be helped with many of CLIC Sargent's services, including a Home from Home, a social worker and financial grants, so I'm really interested in seeing how this sector is managed, and if I can bring anything to the role based on my first-hand experience."

Rachel Blackford – Assistant Director Strategy, Planning and Performance

"I've recently finished my Masters and I'm currently doing the Policy and Public Affairs Internship at CLIC Sargent, which I'm loving, and I'm also on the Young People’s Reference Group."

Seren Hughes - Project Manager and EA to CEO and Chair 

"I'm an English Literature student currently studying in Salford in my 2nd year. I love theatre, music and art in any form, and in the future I would love to gain a career in publishing.

"I am also currently training for the 2017 London Marathon to raise money for CLIC Sargent to support more young people like me!" 

Tish Annand-Beanse – Impact and Performance Analyst 

"I am looking forward to taking over CLIC Sargent for the day! I am hoping this will give us a chance to share our views and make a difference in the lives of children and young people who are fighting cancer." 

Wen Stone – Communications Assistant

"I live in Cardiff and have been supported by CLIC Sargent after having a bone marrow transplant for Aplastic Anaemia. I've been involved with CLIC Sargent for a while now and have been super excited ever since the take-over day was mentioned.

"So I'm really looking forward to being part of the team taking over CLIC Sargent for the day. I’m hoping we get lots of new ideas coming out of the day and we learn just as much as those who would normally hold these roles." 

Bradley Gudger – Digital Communications Manager

"CLIC Sargent has been with me throughout my journey with cancer. They comforted me through my diagnosis, supported me through my treatment, fought my battles with me and shared in my victories. 

"CLIC Sargent are my second family, I am so grateful to be able to be a part of Takeover Day to help influence change and help many more young people like me.

Find out more

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