Malcolm Sargent House consultation period has now ended

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us about the proposal to close CLIC Sargent's holiday service at Malcolm Sargent House. The consultation has now ended. 

Malcolm Sargent House consultation period has now ended

Thank you

We recognise the strength of feeling in the local area and we would like to thank everyone that we have spoken to - face to face, by phone, via email or those who got involved in the live Facebook chat - for all of their ideas about the future of Malcolm Sargent House. We have had detailed discussions with the staff at Malcolm Sargent House and heard from more than 400 individuals who responded to our consultation; thank you all very much for giving your time and voicing your views. We are deliberating on all the feedback we have received.

A local group, based in Ayrshire, has indicated an interest in the future of Malcolm Sargent House. We understand their interest in the holiday service and as a result we have decided to extend their opportunity to put forward a viable alternative, until Monday 18 July. We will seriously assess and consider any business case put to us by this group and we are working with them to understand their proposal and ensure the requirements it must address are fully understood.

Making the right decision

We must take the best decision in the overall interests of the Charity and our Board of Trustees will make an informed decision on the way forward by the last week in July, taking into account our need to protect our frontline services, our assessment of the viability of any alternative proposal/s put to us and our obligations as a charity. Key to this is not only whether there is a robust proposal but whether it can be in place on or before 22 August, so that we can provide some clarity for our staff, who are rightly concerned about their futures, and achieve our financial requirements. 

Next steps

Once a decision has been made we will speak to our staff and volunteers first, and then share the decision more widely. We expect this will be by the end of July.