BBC Proms audiences help fund music therapy for children with cancer

Thanks to the Promenaders’ Musical Charities, CLIC Sargent is able to continue to fund music therapy for children with cancer in Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle, delivered by Nordoff Robbins music therapists.

BBC Proms audiences help fund music therapy for children with cancer

The opening night of the summer BBC Proms sees the start of a run of 80 concerts over eight weeks. For CLIC Sargent this means that young cancer patients will once again benefit as the Promenaders’ Musical Charities distributes collections among audiences. 

Generous promenaders have been funding music therapy for children with cancer since 1992, raising over £300,000. This year, the Promenaders’ Musical Charities have chosen four charities to benefit, and CLIC Sargent is once again one of the lucky few. 

A moment of brightness

The music therapy gives children with cancer a moment of brightness and a distraction from their treatment regime and allows them to find their voice again, to feel a sense of creativity, control and accomplishment at a time when they have little control over what is going on in their lives. Music therapy brings them bright colours, loud sounds and new friends. 

Brigitte provides music therapy at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and has seen how families really appreciate the opportunity. She observed how one little boy called Edgar saw improvements to his overall mood and confidence over the course of a few sessions.

She said: “In our first session Edgar was drawn to two hand bells, but was too shy to play them directly.”  

By encouraging Edgar to get his toys to play the instruments first, Brigitte gradually encouraged him to actively participate.

She added: “The music grew louder as we sang and played together; drawing the attention of ward staff who commented this was the first time they had heard Edgar laugh.”

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