Grasmere Primary School gets active for CLIC Sargent

Grasmere Primary School in Hackney is taking part in the opening Run Hackney Schools Challenge in June. 

Grasmere Primary School gets active for CLIC Sargent

This is the first year of the Run Hackney Schools Challenge, which is open to primary schools within the London Borough of Hackney and local areas.

Primary School pupils will cover 12.1 miles by running a mile a week, achieved and verified at their school. The last mile of their Half Marathon will take place on the final stretch of Run Hackney. 

Grasmere Primary School in Hackney has signed up for the Run Hackney Schools Challenge and are excited to take part.

The school encourages its pupils to have healthy lifestyles, and running is one way of encouraging this. Grasmere Primary School started running clubs within the school and some pupils even run with weekend athletic clubs in leagues. 

Ian McGovern, Deputy Head at Grasmere School said: “It was natural that we would join the Run Hackney School Challenge. Our target for June 22 is to have 100 participants from the school, and at present we are at 60 with more six to seven year olds to come.

This event has caught the imagination of parents and children and I can feel a wave of enthusiasm for the school challenge.

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Elizabeth Charing said: “It’s fantastic to see a school that encourages their pupils to be active, in and out of the school.

"We are thrilled that Grasmere Primary School is taking part in the Run Hackney Schools Challenge, and I am sure they’ll put the same effort into their support for CLIC Sargent as they do in their training.”

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