Thom creates a Big Buzz for CLIC Sargent

Thom Bolton took on the Big Buzz challenge, raising a fantastic £1,725 after his son Zeke was diagnosed with leukaemia

Thom creates a Big Buzz for CLIC Sargent

Thom’s story 

"On the 3 October 2015 my wife Sophie and I took our son Zeke to A&E at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham with a temperature and a bit of rash. A large part of me was expecting it to be nothing and they'd send us on our way with some antibiotics.

"It became apparent very quickly that it wouldn't be the case and that Zeke was very seriously ill. A few hours later, after the doctors and nurses got him into a stable condition, they gave us the news that no parent wants to hear, Zeke had leukaemia. It came as a massive shock to us especially as not 36 hours earlier he seemed absolutely fine.”

After the initial shock, Thom and Sophie began reading up about leukaemia which is where they found out about CLIC Sargent. 

Giving something back

Thom says: “I'll be honest, I had never heard of CLIC Sargent before, but it was very clear it'd be providing us with a lot of help and support during Zeke's illness.

"I immediately thought it would be nice to try to raise some money for them as I wanted to give something back knowing that CLIC Sargent would be helping us.

“After looking on its website I noticed it was running a 'Big Buzz' event, encouraging adults to shave their heads in support of children with cancer.

"I’d already decided to shave my head to help Zeke cope with losing his hair during treatment so this was a strange little coincidence, especially as the other option was some sort of run, and those who know me know me and running aren't good friends!”

Thom’s brother David, who was on his honeymoon in America, wanted to join Thom in shaving his head to support Zeke.

Thom said: “We’d planned to do it when he returned, however as Zeke's  treatment had started, his hair started falling out very quickly so Zeke and I shaved our heads together in the hospital. 

“I went first; to show Zeke that it would be alright and afterwards he was pleased with our matching ‘special haircuts’.”

Thank You

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Andy Fuller said: “I would like to congratulate Thom on his fantastic fundraising efforts. To raise over £1,725 in such a short time is phenomenal."

Show your support

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