Sue marks her 60th birthday by asking for 60 bags of stock for the CLIC Sargent Weymouth shop

After Sue Moore began working in CLIC Sargent's Weymouth charity shop and found out about how the charity supports young lives against cancer, she wanted to go above and beyond to help. This year, for her 60th birthday, she asked friends and her previous colleagues to donate to the shop, and aimed to collect 60 bags of stock!

Sue marks her 60th birthday by asking for 60 bags of stock for the CLIC Sargent Weymouth shop

Sue came to CLIC Sargent after having a long career working for her local council. She said she wanted to do something completely different and is now the Deputy Manager of the Weymouth shop.

Sue has been with CLIC Sargent for nine months and is thoroughly enjoying getting to know the volunteers and customers.

60 bags of stock

Her 60th Birthday was on 11 May and she wanted to mark it by collecting 60 bags of stock for the shop.

Sue said: "It has been lovely that lots of my friends and colleagues from the council as well as my new friends and colleagues from CLIC Sargent have all got behind my campaign and, as of this afternoon, we have reached 107 bags - and there’s still more to come!"

Sue also mentioned that she may continue the campaign for the whole year of her 60th, with the aim of collecting 365 bags of stock. 

Making a difference

Shop manager Tracy Stagg said: “Unwanted clothes to someone else are so valuable to us and we believe Sue will have raised the equivalent of over £1,750, which is wonderful.

"I know myself the turmoil that families go through when they have a child diagnosed with cancer and I know the difference CLIC Sargent makes to families at such a difficult time in their lives.”

If you live in Weymouth and would like to help Sue celebrate her birthday this year, please do drop off a bag of unwanted clothes or books to the CLIC Sargent Weymouth shop and say they are for Sue.

If you are interested in volunteering in the shop, then please do enquire at the shop. 

Find out more

To find out how you can do your own fundraising for CLIC Sargent, please contact the Supporter Engagement Team on 0300 330 0803 (option 2) or