Hospital Car Parking Petition Handed in at Downing Street

Today, Kate Lee, Chief Executive at CLIC Sargent, joined Robert Halfon MP and representatives from Headway and FairFuelUK to hand in a petition calling for hospital car parking fees to be abolished at Number 10 Downing Street.

Hospital Car Parking Petition Handed in at Downing Street

The petition has over 25,000 signatures and called for the huge financial burden of hospital car parking to be scrapped. 

The petition was handed in during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a month where CLIC Sargent is also campaigning to raise awareness of the wider travel costs for families undergoing treatment with a separate petition

CLIC Sargent’s Cancer Costs research showed families are spending £600 extra a month and between £44 and £37 on average on hospital car parking. A new Are We Nearly There Yet report also revealed that families are spending £180 on fuel alone when treatment is at its most intense and are travelling 60 miles on average. 

The petition did receive a response from the government in June but the campaign to abolish these fees continues.

Kate Lee, Chief Executive at CLIC Sargent, said:

“The families we support are being let down by needlessly complicated parking systems and charges that are plunging them into debt. This isn’t right and it needs to change.”

“We can’t thank everyone enough for getting behind this campaign and signing our petition. If it’s important to our supporters, it’s important to us and we will keep on fighting for them to remove the financial burden and stresses that travel and car parking create.”