Funeral Expense Assistance in Scotland - our response

CLIC Sargent responds to Scottish Government announcement of plans to tackle funeral poverty, including the creation of a new benefit for families struggling to meet the costs of a funeral.

Funeral Expense Assistance in Scotland - our response

Clare Laxton, Assistant Director of Policy and Influencing said:

"CLIC Sargent will welcome the proposed new Funeral Expense Assistance benefit if it in any way can help to ease the financial burden placed on so many families already devastated by the loss of their child to cancer.

"We know the families we support can find their weekly expenditure increasing by £600 as they try to keep afloat during their child's treatment. Should the worst happen, additional funeral costs can be overwhelming.

"We have been calling on the UK Government to set up a national Children's Funeral Fund to cover the cost of burial and cremation fees many families face, and any actions which lighten the load for these families is to be greatly welcomed."