CLIC Sargent celebrates International Youth Day

This International Youth Day, Friday 12 August, CLIC Sargent is celebrating the young people that help to make the charity great. Here, Connor Grant, 23, talks about his role in influencing CLIC Sargent's work.

CLIC Sargent celebrates International Youth Day

Connor Grant, 23, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma during his first year of university in July 2013, when he first came into contact with CLIC Sargent. He went into remission in November that year and joined the charity's Young People's Reference Group (YPRG).

The group is for young people aged 15-25 and over who have, or have had cancer. They get together to talk about their experiences and ideas, and help to make CLIC Sargent even better.

Meeting new friends

Connor said: "I really enjoy being a part of the Young People's Reference Group as it means I'm able to meet new friends with similar (and equally not so similar) experiences to myself.

"You can really relate to and understand parts of what the members have been through and experienced in a way that you don't quite get with other people.

"It's also so great that within the group, talking about your experiences is just normal, it's a 'safe' environment for lack of a better term because other members are young like me, and know how difficult it can be to talk to those who don't know what it's like to have gone through the cancer experience about some things. 

A big impact

"I think it's a really rewarding experience to be directly involved in some of the decision-making processes of a charity that has had such a big impact on my life.

"I also find it incredibly reassuring that CLIC Sargent actively engages with the people it provides a service for to ensure its heading in the right direction and making the right decisions – it really emphasises that they care about your opinion and value it in helping to shape the charity.

"I’ve also got to meet so many different people who work for CLIC Sargent, even Kate Lee, the CEO, sits in on meetings, which I think is a great indicator of how useful the group is to the charity!"

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