eBay Stamp Appeal

Used stamps are worth a pretty penny for CLIC Sargent. Help raise funds for young cancer patients by collecting yours.

eBay Stamp Appeal

Be a Stamp Champ!

CLIC Sargent is collecting stamps for our ‘Stamp Champ’ initiative.

In the second half of 2014 we raised nearly £3,000 from used postage stamps, and it’s something we are really excited to grow in 2015 and beyond.

How you can help

It's easy to support Stamp Champ, all you need to do is save the postage stamps from any mail you receive. Please cut or carefully tear the stamped corner from the envelope or packet – there's no need to spend time soaking stamps off. We are able to accept both UK and foreign stamps.

We would like to encourage all CLIC Sargent fundraisers and supporters to collect their stamps, bag them up and send them to the following address:

eBay Stamp Champ,
CLIC Sargent,
4th Floor Whitefriars,
Lewins Mead,
BS1 2NT.

Businesses and organisations

If you work in a business, school, college or organisation that receives a high volumes of post, why not become a representative 'Stamp Champ'?

Download a customisable poster and encourage your colleagues and friends to donate any stamps from post that they recieve.

We'd suggest putting a collection box in a communal area, when you have gathered plenty of stamps, send them to the address above.

Find out more

For more information on the Stamp Champ campaign, please contact CLIC Sargent eBay Assistant Holly Grace on 0117 314 8657 or email: holly.grace@clicsargent.org.uk.