Garry Munro is October's star runner

Every month the CLIC Sargent Running team celebrates the successes of our amazing runners and supporters by choosing our Star of the Month. 

This month's star is Garry Munro who was inspired to run for CLIC Sargent after his own cancer diagnosis. Here Garry tells his story.

Garry Munro is October's star runner

“When I was 18 and just six months into university, I was diagnosed with low grade chondrosarcoma, which thankfully was curable but required major surgery.

"I was left with very limited use of my left arm and had to undergo a lot of physio to regain as much function as possible. Due to my age I seemed to fall into a gap as I was too old to get help aimed at children but too young to get help aimed at adults.

"Thankfully our local nurse suggested what was then the Malcolm Sargent Trust (it later became part of CLIC Sargent). The charity provided me with £250 to cover the costs of travel and use of the hydrotherapy pool.” 

“By the time I had reached my mid 30s I had put on a lot of weight and allowed myself to become very isolated.

Shetland Streakers

"I became a member of a local running support Facebook group called Shetland Streakers (a streak is doing a mile a day for a month, we keep our clothes on!).

"I joined this group in April 2014 and on 1 June I went for my first run and posted on the Streakers page.

"I received so much support that I signed up to run the Edinburgh Half Marathon in 2015 and for extra motivation I chose to do this for CLIC Sargent as I wanted to repay the charity for the support it had given me.

Life changed completely

“From that point on, my life changed almost completely. I lost six stone,
discovered I had a passion for running and met so many great new friends.

"These friends inspired me to keep going and I signed up to the Great North Run and Scottish Half Marathon. I kept signing up to runs with the Great Scottish Run, Budapest Marathon and Amsterdam Marathon all taking place in November.

"Knowing I'm doing these for a great cause just gives extra motivation and the support I've received from CLIC Sargent has been incredible. I was delighted to receive a place for the London Marathon and then take on a new challenge at the 62 mile London to Brighton Ultra Marathon.” 

“Over the past 18 months I've been raising money in a number of different ways. The people of Shetland are so generous but there are so many good causes and I don't like to push the same people into giving over and over again that I have tried to vary how I raise money.

Successful fundraisers

"A couple of simple ways was to add my JustGiving link to my work e-mail signature and to share on Facebook with friends and groups. That way people could choose to give whenever they felt able.

"The most fun and successful fundraiser has been holding charity evenings at the Gurkha Kitchen, a local Indian and Nepalese restaurant. We can invite up to 60 people to attend and usually charge £20 a head, from which we keep £11, and the restaurant put on a great meal.

"We also hold a raffle with prizes donated by guests and local businesses. These nights are great at raising money, usually taking in £800 to £1000, but also fantastic socialisers, I met my girlfriend at the latest!

"With help from friends, co-workers and people from the streakers group we raised over £600 at a bake sale held at the Gilbert Bain Hospital, where I work as a cancer audit facilitator.” 

“Taking up running and raising money for CLIC Sargent has changed my life for the better in so many ways and I look forward to continuing to support them at many events in the future.”

Find out more

To find out how you could take part in a running event to raise money for CLIC Sargent, please contact the CLIC Sargent Running team on 0845 602 4770 or email: