Group of friends take on Tough Mudder South West in support of friend

A group of friends are due to tackle the mud and obstacles of the mighty Tough Mudder for CLIC Sargent after finding out that one of their best friends, Charity, had been diagnosed with cancer. Charity and her friend Alice share their story.

Group of friends take on Tough Mudder South West in support of friend

Charity said: "After months of investigating a few raised glands on my neck, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma at the end of March 2017. You can never prepare yourself for being told you have cancer.

"However, the help and support around me has really helped in coming to terms with the diagnosis. From being initially referred to Basingstoke Hospital, I was then transferred to University Hospital Southampton, a big transition in itself. 

Made the journey easier

"CLIC Sargent was there from my first visit, and provided help, not only in a practical way, but also psychologically. I had no idea this sort of support is available for young adults, but now I can’t imagine going through this without the CLIC Sargent team. CLIC Sargent has made the journey a lot easier, and it's so reassuring to know that Kate, my ambassador, is just a phone call away."

Alice, who is part of the Tough Mudder team, said: "After finding out that one our best friends had being diagnosed with cancer we knew that we wanted to raise some money for a charity and in turn also raise awareness.

"It didn’t take us much time to decide that CLIC Sargent would be our chosen charity. They have been such a great help and so we thought we would give something back.

Quite a challenge

"A big group of us have come together and decided that we would participate in Tough Mudder on 19 August.

"None of us are particularly fit so it is going to be quite a challenge, but it is nothing compared to what Charity and others are going through. We set ourselves a target of £4,000 as we thought this was definitely reachable.

"The first night our Just Giving page went live Charity and I sat there with anticipation thinking that the total would never go up but amazingly after two and a half months we reached our goal and it’s still climbing!  

"We have all been working really hard as a team to reach our fundraising target. We have held bake sales, boot sales and even a reggae and dancehall night. It has been so much fun organising and running these events especially as we are doing it for such a worthy cause, and to keep a smile on Charity’s face!

"In addition to the fundraising, each week we have been doing a boot camp class in preparation for Tough Mudder. This consists of High Intensity Interval Training (which hasn’t been fun in the heat!) but it has made our team stronger and closer, which will all be great help on the big day!

"The CLIC Sargent team have been so helpful and supportive throughout our fundraising efforts and are always there to answer any questions. We couldn’t be more thankful for everything they are doing for Charity and so we are hoping our total raised keeps growing and growing."

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