Authors touched by cancer raise over £14,400

We’re proud to report that CLIC Sargent’s second annual Get in Character charity eBay auction raised an incredible £14,485 to support our work with children and young people.  

Authors touched by cancer raise over £14,400

Get in Character charity eBay auction

The total was raised thanks to super-fans of over 70 best-selling authors who bid for the opportunity to have their name, or a loved one’s name, written into forthcoming novels.

The top price paid for a character name this year was from a mystery bidder who spent £3,200 for a spot in a new book by transatlantic quadruple number one bestselling author Lee Child.

CLIC Sargent eBay co-ordinator Kate Apperley said: “We’re so grateful to the authors who donated to the auction.  

"Many of the authors who took part have been touched by cancer in their own lives, and were keen to make a difference to the lives of the children and young people we support.”

In memory of Mena

Author Anouska Knight decided to donate a character name to the auction because her sister, Mena, was diagnosed with cancer when she was a teenager.   

Anouska explains: "Cancer is a beastly disease. Something more and more families seem to be experiencing first hand.

CLIC Sargent’s website was one of the first our mum came across in her quest to understand what was happening to her child’s body.

"Mena likes to buck the trend, so her bone cancer decided to grow in her calf muscle. She had a tumour the size of a grapefruit in there. She underwent 11 months of gruelling treatment, kicked off with all the fun of a bone aspiration. 

"Then came the chemotherapy. Six cycles to begin with, hooked up for five days at a time, every three weeks. 

"The grapefruit shrank to something closer in size to an egg. Marvellous surgeons removed that horrible thing and managed to save her leg. But then she caught a superbug. And things got very hairy, very quickly. 

"She turned a corner. Then to the chemo again. Eight cycles this time. 

"This was the meat and potatoes of her treatment, but you get side orders with cancer too. A few of Mena’s were 17 days of radiotherapy twice a day, 17 blood transfusions, three infections in her Hickman line, a platelet transfusion and a partridge in a pear tree. 

"Needless to say, my sister is hard as nails. Speaking of nails, she’s recently had an intramedullary nail (a metal rod) inserted inside her tibia (she says it makes her part Wolverine now so airport security should be interesting). 

"She’s also a very lucky girl who is thankfully seven years clear of that dreadful disease. But she didn’t get here alone. 

"The support charities such as CLIC Sargent offer makes a huge difference to families coming to terms with cancer."