Children’s funeral costs: we’ll keep fighting

Although disappointed that the Chancellor did not announce the creation of a Children’s Funeral Fund in his Budget today, CLIC Sargent is determined to continue fighting for families who desperately need support with the cost of their child’s funeral. 

Children’s funeral costs: we’ll keep fighting

The UK’s leading charity supporting children and young people with cancer and Child Bereavement UK had written to Chancellor Philip Hammond MP urging him to ease the financial burden on bereaved parents by creating a national fund which would cover funeral costs charged by councils. 

Carolyn Harris, MP for Swansea East who had to take out a bank loan and borrow money from friends when her eight-year-old son was killed in a traffic accident, has been spearheading the campaign.

Kate Lee, Chief Executive of CLIC Sargent said: “All too frequently, the cost of a funeral imposes a crippling and unmanageable financial burden on bereaved parents, during what is already an impossible time. Grieving parents should not be made to suffer the added indignity and distress of funeral poverty. We are hugely disappointed that the Chancellor didn’t take the opportunity today to end funeral poverty for many families. We will continue our fight for a children’s funeral fund.”

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