Football fan in cancer treatment scores Jamie Vardy Supershoes

Sarah White, the founder of charity Supershoes presented its 1000th pair of customised shoes to young cancer patient Reo earlier this month, who is supported by CLIC Sargent.   

Picture of Reo's Supershoes

Reo from Leicester is a huge football fan, and received a hand-painted pair of Minecraft and football themed Supershoes, signed by Leicester FC striker Jamie Vardy, in a key milestone for this independent charity, which is staffed entirely by volunteers.    

After being sent a brief about a young person’s passions in life, Supershoes buy and customise converse shoes that help to put a smile back on the face of young cancer patients.

Sarah White, founder of the Milton Keynes based charity Supershoes, said: 

“I made the trip to Leicester to meet Reo and his mum to mark the occasion of our 1000th pair. Reo was very poorly when we met, but he was happy to smile for the camera, and was thrilled to receive his very special shoes.  

“We know what receiving a pair of Supershoes can do for a child going through a horrible, tough time.  

“It makes them smile, it’s a boost to their confidence, it reminds them who they are, above and beyond their treatment, it encourages them to get on their feet again, because who wouldn’t want to go and show off such a beautiful pair of shoes?”

Reo, 8 was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma two years ago, but having fought it once he relapsed in 2014. His mum Sarah refers to him as “her little ginger biscuit” and has nothing but praise for his bravery, as he continues with immunoglobulin treatment once a month in hospital.  

Reo was referred to Supershoes by cancer support charity CLIC Sargent, one of the charity’s key partners.  

Paul Gathercole, an Assistant Director at CLIC Sargent, supported Supershoes in its early days, by providing advice and guidance that helped its founders register it as a charity in its own right.

Now young people supported by CLIC Sargent are the biggest beneficiary of the shoes. 

Paul Gathercole, Assistant Director of Services at CLIC Sargent, said: 

“Our CLIC Sargent Social Workers work with children like Reo and their families by providing emotional, financial and practical support that gets them through the hardest of times. 

“When a young patient needs a boost, our team is able to refer them to the wonderful team at Supershoes. 

“Over the years, these Supershoes have bought hundreds of smiles to the faces of the young people we support, and we’re so thrilled that Reo is the 1000th child to get a pair of this fantastic footwear.”

Visit Supershoes website for more information.