CLIC Sargent's very own music man takes on Great North Run

Will Lang has worked as a music leader and workshop facilitator in CLIC Sargent’s National Music Programme for the last three years and is now going one step further to support the charity by running the mighty Great North Run

The CLIC Sargent music programme provides opportunities designed to raise confidence and self – esteem, teach skills and reduce isolation for around 100 young cancer patients each year.

CLIC Sargent's very own music man takes on Great North Run

Will said: “A lot of the young people we work with have had their world filled with appointments and medical treatments; often meaning that their cancer stories have precluded them from education and creative endeavours, and in some cases social and personal development. 

“Because of this we tailor our approach to each individual. For some, a positive outcome is learning three chords on a guitar to play a song that means a lot to them; to others it is using our music mentors' professional experience to shed light on potential career paths and training opportunities.

Amazing outcomes

“We’ve seen some amazing outcomes for the young people - last year one girl joined us with very little confidence. By the end of the week she was on stage playing drums and is now getting her own kit!”

Will’s increased involvement with CLIC Sargent has inspired him to take on the world’s biggest half marathon, the Great North Run.

He continued: “I did the GNR in 2012 and thought it was about time I dusted off the running shoes and donned the pink top! 

Support continues after treatment

“CLIC Sargent has become a charity very close to my own heart. You hope you never experience cancer but when you do it doesn't just affect you. The support the charity offers to young people and their families is just mind blowing and continues on way after treatment.”

Will explains that thinking of the young people he works with will to spur him on during the run: “Perspective is an amazing thing and the young people I have met through CLIC Sargent have certainly helped me realise what is possible. They continue to be an inspiration.”

Watch a performance by some of the young people Will worked with on the CLIC Sargent Music Programme YouTube channel.

Find out more

Join Team CLIC Sargent in the Great North Run in 2017. To find out more about the Great North Run, or any of our other upcoming running events, please contact the Runs team on 0845 602 4770 or