CLIC Sargent backs MP's campaign to scrap car parking fees

CLIC Sargent is lending its support to Robert Halfon MP’s new petition to bring an end to car parking charges at NHS hospitals in England.

CLIC Sargent backs MP's campaign to scrap car parking fees

A Cancer Costs report from CLIC Sargent revealed that on average families spend an extra £600 a month when their child is undergoing active treatment and car parking fees are one of the major stresses. CLIC Sargent’s research found that on average parents of children with cancer were spending between £44 and £37 a month on hospital car parking respectively.

Free car parking

Government guidance currently states that frequent outpatient attendees, relatives of seriously ill patients and visitors to relatives who have an extended stay in hospital should be given free or discounted parking. However, according to CLIC Sargent research, just half of NHS Trusts in England offer free car parking for young cancer patients and their families.

Clare Laxton, Associate Director of Policy and Influencing at CLIC Sargent, said:

“Families shouldn’t have to stress over paying hospital car parking fees when taking their child in for gruelling cancer treatment but we have been told many times it is a major worry for them."

"Treatment for young cancer patients can last up to three years with frequent and sometimes lengthy trips to hospital. Abolishing hospital car parking charges once and for all could ease some of the huge financial burden they face.“

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