Johnson Fleming employees run the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

After choosing CLIC Sargent for its charity of the year, employees from the workplace pension scheme provider Johnson Fleming went the extra mile for children and young people with cancer by taking part in the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon.

Johnson Fleming employees run the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

Employees Matt Jones, Mark Donaldson, Michelle Baylis-Edkins and Sean Moore all stepped up to the mark to complete the 13.1 mile event and raise an amazing £900.

Runner Matt Jones said: "I was new to the running world and this was my first attempt at such a distance, it’s really rewarding to know that we have helped to raise money for the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity, everyone that took part in the event should be very proud.

This was a huge personal achievement for myself and everyone who took part.

"I would like to give a special mention to Sean Moore who completed the event with a muscle injury and Michelle who finished with a great time and showed the boys how it’s done.”

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Lydia Buckmaster said: “Johnson Fleming have done brilliantly! I can’t wait to see what else they have lined up.”

Runners rankings:

  • Michelle Baylis-Edkins: 1:53:00
  • Matt Jones: 1:56:17
  • Mark Donaldson: 1:56:18
  • Sean Moore: 2:18:22

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To find out how you and your company can help support CLIC Sargent, please contact CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Lydia Buckmaster on or 01509 673 881.