CLIC Sargent statement on Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES)

The Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) is a survey of 6,700 cancer patients in Wales that takes place every year to discover their experiences of having cancer treatment to see where improvements are needed. The results of this survey help health boards to assess services at a local and national level and to direct future cancer services across Wales.

Clare Laxton, Assistant Director of Policy and Influencing at CLIC Sargent, commented:

“We welcome the findings that are positive for adults receiving treatment in Wales, but the survey does not reveal the full picture for young people and children with cancer.

"Over the past few years the number of diagnoses of cancer in children and young people per day has increased but as this survey is not applicable to under 16s, we have no idea what their experiences of cancer are like compared to adults.  As a result, we do not know whether they have similar experiences as adults, or whether improvements are needed. 

“This problem is not unique to Wales, as young voices are not being consistently heard across the UK. It is much harder to improve cancer services for under 16s if we don’t know what the issues are, so we have to find out from young cancer patients about their experiences.

"At CLIC Sargent we fight tirelessly for young lives and we are calling for important surveys like this to include under 16s so that decision makers can listen to these voices to improve vital services tailored for their unique needs.”

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