Jamie and Phil are our star runners this November

The CLIC Sargent Running Events team’s 'Stars of the Month' for November are Jamie Wass and Phil Hines.

Jamie and Phil are our star runners this November

Jamie & Phil took part in Hell Runner – Hell in the Middle back in April and have raised over £1,400. Below, Jamie and Phil talk about what inspired them to take part and support CLIC Sargent.

Phil said: "Whilst my family have not directly experienced childhood cancer both my mother and father themselves have been struck with it. I also saw the progression in my early teens of a school friend Daniel, who passed away from leukaemia.

"Seeing at first-hand how it can impact a family when an adult has cancer let alone a child meant that when it was suggested that we raise money for CLIC Sargent I immediately agreed despite the method taking us both well outside of our usual sporting comfort zones.  Knowing that we have been able to contribute to help such an amazing organisation that provides so much support has been a very messy pleasure."

Jamie said: "For my part, I was deciding which charity to represent this year, and some CLIC Sargent staff were in my office looking to recruit fundraising volunteers. I guess I've always associated cancer as something which affects people as they get older. Once I had heard more about CLIC Sargent, I was proud to fundraise on their behalf and to raise awareness of the work they do supporting children and young people with cancer, as well as the support they provide for their families."

The Hell Runner Series

The HellRunner series is a multi-terrain event with everything from running tracks and trails, to water-filled 'bogs of doom' and plenty of steep hills, where participants can expect to get very cold and wet! It’s nature at it’s toughest! The Hellrunner events take place in Cheshire (Hell up north), Leicester (Hell in the middle) and Hampshire (Hell down south).

Jamie said: "On the day of Hellrunner, the CLIC Sargent running team made us feel very welcome and it was a great event. Phil and I definitely enjoyed ourselves (although maybe suffered a bit on the run as the name suggests!) I hope between our performance on the day, and our fundraising activities, gave CLIC Sargent the support they deserve." 

Find out more

For more information about taking part in Hellrunner or an other running event, please contact our award winning Running Events Team on: 0845 602 4770 or email: run@clicsargent.org.uk.