Morrisons in Peterhead team pedal 664k for CLIC Sargent

Morrisons store colleagues in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, have launched a brand new fundraising drive for children and young people’s cancer support charity CLIC Sargent by undertaking a gruelling 664k (412 mile) static bike ride.  

Morrisons in Peterhead team pedal 664k for CLIC Sargent

The supermarket’s employees across the UK chose CLIC Sargent as their new charity partner in February, and aim to raise £8million over the next three years to help stop cancer destroying young lives.    

Earlier this month, the Peterhead store team alongside their families and friends, plus volunteers from The Princes Trust, pedalled long and hard and raised nearly £1,600 (£1,591.25) in donations from kind-hearted customers.

Sheena Irvine, Community Champion, Morrisons Peterhead, said: “We’re so proud to have raised so much money already for our new charity partner CLIC Sargent and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who cycled and donated. Our customers, as always, were incredibly generous.  

“It’s a great feeling to know that what we’ve done will make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people facing cancer.”  

The Peterhead team set an initial target distance of 285k (177 miles) for the static bike ride, which is the distance that if diagnosed, a child from the town would have to travel for specialist cancer treatment in Glasgow. But they ended up cycling over twice that distance. 

According to CLIC Sargent’s research, on average, children with cancer and their families in Scotland have to make a round-trip of 119k (123 miles) to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, or 90k (56 miles) to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, for specialist treatment.   

Because of the long distances involved, CLIC Sargent provides free Homes from Home accommodation for families nearby to each hospital, so they can stay close to their loved one during treatment, and save money on expensive hotel bills and travel.     

CLIC Sargent also has Cancer Care Teams based within the hospitals themselves, which offer financial, practical and emotional support to families struggling to cope with the impact of cancer on their lives. These teams are also based at six other hospitals across Scotland. 

Fern West, Fundraising Manager, CLIC Sargent, said: "Our social workers, nurses and other frontline staff across the UK work tirelessly to limit the damage cancer causes beyond a child or young person's health.   

“Thanks to Morrisons and the efforts of the wonderful team at Peterhead, we’ll be able to stop cancer destroying more young lives than ever.

“We are incredibly grateful for the backing of the Peterhead team, and look forward to working with them closely in the future.”

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