Becky Brennan is February's star runner

Every month the CLIC Sargent Running Events team celebrates the success of our amazing runners and supporters. In February our star runner is Becky Brennan. Here Becky tells her story.

Becky Brennan is February's star runner

"I have never been a runner and if you'd asked me a couple of years ago if I would have ever dreamt of running a marathon, my answer would have been a very firm no!

"However, last year I had an incredible reason to start raising money for the charity that had helped us so much when our daughter was ill, and I decided to brave my trainers for the first time in years.


"Our daughter Immy was three when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After three months of her being treated for a suspected ear infection, it was finally a trip to the opticians where we discovered something was seriously wrong.

"They found that both of her optic nerves were swollen. We were sent straight to our local hospital where a CT scan confirmed the worst. It was absolutely devastating news for my husband Tom and I.

"But from the moment we found out, our wonderful CLIC Sargent nurse Jenny was there for all of us.

She was so calm and caring, immediately making us both feel like we weren't facing whatever was to come, alone.

"Immy underwent a total of three operations, spending nearly two months at Frenchay Hospital. In that time she had to learn to walk and talk all over again - her strength and determination was absolutely inspirational.

"About a year after Immy was discharged from hospital I started to think about how I could give back to CLIC Sargent and running seemed like a good idea. I set myself the challenge of running three half marathons and a full marathon in September and October of 2015.

"Thanks to the amazing generosity of friends and family we raised just over £1,500 for both CLIC Sargent and another local charity which also helped us - and I discovered a new found love of running! 

London Marathon 2016 

"Finding out I had managed to secure a CLIC Sargent place for the 2016 London Marathon was an amazing feeling.

"Training is going well so far and we're getting their with the fundraising. Raising money on eBay has been really successful, it's helped me put just over £400 in the pot in two months!

"I had a cake sale recently and raised £250 thanks to the generosity of friends and family and our local community. I have lots of other fundraising lined up and this time all the proceeds will be going to CLIC Sargent."

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