DJS staff member to take on Mount Kilimanjaro for CLIC Sargent

23-year-old Elliot Simmonds is preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise funds for CLIC Sargent. 

This challenge is part of DJS Research Ltd’s - the company Elliot works for - partnership with CLIC Sargent. The company has now raised over £2,500 to date for children and young people with cancer.

The challenge

Elliot’s gruelling ascent up the world’s highest free-standing mountain will see him travelling through five different climate zones, which experts liken to ‘travelling from the equator to Antartica in a matter of days’. By the time Elliot prepares to reach the summit, the temperature could be a freezing minus 26 degrees Celsius.

Elliot, however, is not deterred. His aunt, Deborah, died of breast cancer several years ago and the illness has taken many other family members. His goal is to raise a further £2,500 CLIC Sargent.

Elliot said: “Obviously, losing any member of your family in any circumstance is a terrible experience and not something I would wish on anyone. However, from some recent experiences, the effect on families of having a child with cancer is appalling.

"Some of the bravest people I’ve ever met have been young children with the disease, and I want to help CLIC Sargent support both them and their families in what is the worst time I can imagine for a family.”

Support from DJS Research Ltd

Elliot, who leads marketing at DJS Research Ltd, has the warm support of his colleagues - the company has helped fund some of the cost for the trip in order to ensure that all of the money Elliot raises goes directly to CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent is particularly close to the hearts of some DJS members of staff who have been supported by the charity, including Research Director James Hinde.

James said: “CLIC Sargent supported me, my wife and our wider family when my daughter was suffering from cancer. The support they provide is invaluable and helps you feel less remote from others, as well as assisting with the practicalities of the situation.

"I’m hugely pleased that Elliot has opted to raise money for them, and he has my whole-hearted support, as well as that of everyone at DJS Research.”

Find out more

To find out how you and your company can CLIC Sargent, please contact Fundraising Manager, Vicki Moore on 0113 2883 224 or email: