CLIC Sargent through to staff vote for Morrisons charity partnership

CLIC Sargent and its supporters are calling on Morrisons employees to use their upcoming vote for the supermarket’s new charity partner to help stop cancer destroying young lives. 

Amber, 7, from Sheffield, who has a brain tumour and is backing CLIC Sargent's campaign in a video with her mum Lara - a still from the film for morrisons employees

CLIC Sargent is one of two charities shortlisted for the next Morrisons ‘Raise A Smile’ partnership, which from February 2017 is expected to raise £7m for the winning charity over three years.  The charities in the running were announced to Morrisons staff today, and voting begins on 1 January 2017.

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer support charity for children, young people and their families. 

The CLIC Sargent team is now encouraging Morrisons employees to find out more about how their vote could transform the lives of young cancer patients and their families, by visiting its website, Facebook and Twitter channels, and watching a short film featuring a family it supports.  

CLIC Sargent’s Cancer Care Teams, which include social workers and specialist nurses, work in hospitals and in communities across the UK to limit the damage a cancer diagnosis and treatment has on the lives of young patients.  

Kate Lee, CEO, CLIC Sargent said: “When cancer strikes it affects more than just a young person’s health. A cancer diagnosis shatters families emotionally and physically, often separating them across the country for treatment at specialist hospitals, and plunging them into debt. 

“While we can’t take the cancer away, CLIC Sargent works tirelessly to limit the damage cancer causes to young lives beyond their health.  

“We are completely dependent on donations, and at the moment due to a lack of funds, can only reach 2 out of every 3 families that need our support. 

“Winning this partnership would be transformational and we need your help to win – if you work for Morrisons please use your vote to help us stop cancer destroying young lives in your community!

“And if you know somebody who works there, a family member or friend, get involved with our campaign and let them know what a difference voting for CLIC Sargent could make.”  

CLIC Sargent Social Workers help people manage the devastating emotional and financial impact of cancer by providing advice and support, as well as grants and arranging benefits to help them cope with the extra costs of cancer. 

Its network of Homes from Home provide free accommodation for families nearby to specialist hospitals, so that families can stay close to their loved one during treatment, saving them from expensive hotel bills. 

Recent research has revealed that on average, parents face an additional £600 a month in living expenses when their child is in cancer treatment, forcing many into debt. 

CLIC Sargent’s nursing team specialise in working with young patients, and co-ordinate care to maximise the amount of time they can safely spend at home, reducing the amount of disruption to their daily lives and education.

Lara Whiston from Sheffield, whose daughter Amber, 7, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 8-months-old explains in a short online film for Morrisons employees how the support of CLIC Sargent has helped them cope with its devastating impact on family life.

Lara said: “When we found out Amber had a brain tumour I just dropped to the floor, it was utterly devastating to think that we might lose our little girl.  

“As a family we wouldn’t have got through all these years of treatment without a ton of emotional and financial support from CLIC Sargent, and no family should ever have to go through cancer without it.

“CLIC Sargent isn’t the biggest charity or best known charity in the world but they are truly loved by thousands of families like ours who know first-hand what difference their support makes.  

“Just the thought that Morrisons might back CLIC Sargent with the money it needs to reach more families like ours gives me shivers.”  

CLIC Sargent would use money raised by a partnership with Morrisons in three main ways: 

  • People: To develop a team of nurses who will provide specialist education for children’s community nurses, GPs and hospitals, on how to provide the best possible care for young cancer patients and their families, so they can spend as much time at home as possible
  • Places: To create new Home Hubs close to Specialist Treatment Hospitals, providing a welcoming environment for families to take a much needed break from the intensity of hospital
  • Practical things: To double its financial grants to families, so they can focus on looking after their child. The charity will also develop a ground-breaking new digital hub so thousands of families who we currently can’t reach can get advice from healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own home

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