Team takes on Coast to Coast cycle and Great North Run in 48 hours for Millie

Paul and his team will be taking on the epic challenge of cycling 140 miles from the coast of West Cumbria across the country to Whitley Bay. And if that’s not enough they will be running the world’s largest half marathon, the Great North Run afterwards – all in the space of 48 hours! Paul is doing all of this to raise money for CLIC Sargent to say thank you for supporting his cousin's three-year-old daughter Millie. 

Team takes on Coast to Coast cycle and Great North Run in 48 hours for Millie

Paul said: "When a beautiful little girl is born into your family, the last thing you expect is that before her first birthday, she will be affected by cancer.

"This, unfortunately, is the story of my cousin's beautiful little girl Millie, who was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, an extremely rare form of cancer which affects one in 200,000 children under the age of 10. 

"Millie was only 10-weeks-old when she was diagnosed, when a tumour appeared in her mouth. She underwent numerous tests, scans and surgery to have the tumour removed. She was fitted with a portacath (still fitted to this day) and her chemotherapy started when she was only 15 weeks old.

"The family were met that day in their room at the Great North Children’s Hospital by a fantastic, bubbly and friendly support worker from CLIC Sargent who immediately put a smile on their faces. From that day forward, CLIC Sargent have supported the family, both financially if and when needed, and emotionally when things have been tough.’

Happiest little girl

"Millie has been given opportunities and treats arranged through CLIC Sargent to make her feel special, like the flight of dreams in 2015 where she flew around the North East and was able to find Santa out of the window, little breaks for the full family where the environment is suitable, and through a referral, a pair of Super Shoes, which totally brightened up her day!

"Millie is now three, and her life so far has been far from the normal expected for a little girl of her age. With her weekly trips to the hospital for treatment, not being able to socialise with groups of children, having to stay clear of animals... in other words, having to tell her that everything she should be doing, she can’t. However, she is the happiest little girl you will ever meet, beautiful in every way.

"But, the medication takes its toll. She becomes very tired and very sick from it at times. Unfortunately, this is the norm for Millie, and her mam and dad, Victoria and Scot.

Giving something back

"Millie suffered a relapse in her health in May 2015, which meant she had to start a much more intense course of chemotherapy for a number of months, and unfortunately, in November 2016, this happened again. On 15 November 2016, the treatment started again. At every stage of the journey, the CLIC Sargent support worker has been there, by the family's side.

"My aim from this challenge is to give something back, to say thank you for the incredible support they have offered To Victoria and Scot, and most importantly, to say a massive thank you for everything they have done for our little Millie!"

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You too can take part in the Great North Run to support young lives against cancer. Sign up now to take part and raise money for children and young people with cancer. To find out more please contact our Runs team on 0845 602 4770 or email: